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Dreams Romance Excess

Girl Done Gone

Tell me about the mystery dance...
14 August 1990
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La de da
accents, adam green, albion, arcadia, babyshambels, baileys, band memorabilia, battered shoes, being 18, belts, biggles, bilo, bilo ♥ biggles, black and white photos, black books, blur, books of albion, boys in ties, buffy the vampire slayer, camden, cats, chewy sweets, cider, cinema, clothes, cold days, david bowie, didz, dirty pretty things, dylan moran, fairy tales, fate, felt tip pens, finding money in pockets, firefly, gazes, gigs, gilmore girls, gin and teacups, glasses, growling, guitars, hands, hats, high heels, house of holland, indie, ink stained fingers, innocence, ipod, irregular choice, joe strummer, josh paddington, journals, kings of leon, kittens, leather, leather jackets, life stories, live music, london, long drives, making clothes, mgmt, mic sharing, mick jones, milo ventimiglia, monty python, morrissey, mumbling, music, music engineering, naboo, narcissism, nme, noel fielding, not wearing a coat, old books, old films, old lps, old records, paddingtons, pencils, people in my head, pete/carl, photography, picspams, pictures, pieces of rainbow, pirates!, poetry, post-it notes, postcards, rainbows, reading, record players, safety pins, sarcasm, scarfs, school!fic, seeing my "panner" friends, sex pistols, shared cigarettes, slash, smelling old books, smoked salmon, stan, staying up late, stripes, suede, tall thin guys, tattoos, tea, temptation, tequila, the 1970's, the beatles, the clash, the cribs, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the others, the smiths, the velvet underground, ticket stubs, tickets, tidy kitchens, tie!fic, ties, tom paddington, trainspotting, uel, university of east london, vampires, vince noir, vodka, weird clothes, whiskey, whispers, writing, writing on skin, young ones